Income reports from my websites!

I have a couple of websites that are all outside the “make money online” niche except for this one. So, my insights come straight from experience in developing these sites and understanding what works best to help you succeed like I did!

These reports are an honest reflection of my experiences and those who have followed this blog will see the results firsthand.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to fine-tune your current strategy, these insights can help guide future decisions in building a successful online business that makes money!

Web Traffic from one of my sites

Are you looking for ways to make money online?

Here are four tips to get started.

1. Choose a business model that fits your strengths.

2. Create a digital backup plan.

3. Build stability into your life.

4. Keep increasing your leverage in the digital marketplace.

When you’re looking for ways to make money online there are a lot of different options out there, so take the time to explore what’s available and find something that really resonates with you.

Once you’ve found a business model that feels right, create a digital backup plan.

This will give you a safety net to fall back on if things ever go south with your primary income source.

And finally, keep increasing your leverage in the digital marketplace.

The more you’re able to grow your online business, the more financial security you’ll have in your life.

Ad income

Although some of my sites don’t use ads, through advertising networks such as Google AdSense and Ezoic (which I’d recommend). I always have an affiliate strategy in place on every website.

Affiliate income

The affiliate income is the biggest opportunity.

Affiliate income is the most important way to make money on your site.

If you have chosen a niche that has potential for affiliate marketers, they will be more interested in partnering with sites like yours than others who don’t offer any kind of incentive or compensation beyond ad placement alone!

Ad Income Report July 2022

Affiliate income:

Ad Income Report August 2022

Work in progress. Updated 2022-08-19

Affiliate income: